The Obviousness of Anarchy

The Obviousness of Anarchy – John Hasnas from philosophy

Do you ever wonder why people believed in the divine right of kings, despite the fact that the monarchs of their time were patently not the type of individuals an allknowing, all-good god would choose to reign over them? They believed in it because they were taught to believe in it and because they could imagine that it was so, regardless of all evidence to the contrary.

How To Be a Crook

The Federal Reserve has a de facto monopoly on the issuance of fiat currency in the US which not only means that they can dictate its value at whim as well as interest rates at the drop of a hat causing unnecessary booms and bust cycles, economic uncertainty, stagnation and depressions, it is a CRIME to compete with them, which means that they enjoy an unchallenged firm grip on the ultimate power to influence government laws and the distribution of wealth and resources on this planet like an overlord puppetmaster of all puppeteers of puppets. The Federal Reserve is the ultimate primordial SCAM because it is the catalyst of all other financial scams and evils that originate from it. So, NO, RETARD, it is not “wrong” to put this much blame on the Federal Reserve. To say so is shamefully apologetic and woefully delusional.

Government Defined

The Evil Empire

1) ​The US government is a relatively small group of minions orchestrated and controlled by an oligarchical plutocracy comprised predominantly of banksters and conquered or inherited empire, independent of state sovereign or national borders.  2) As in the case of the United States government, the institution and its power is represented and proliferated by a constellation of corrupt, pontificating, self-aggrandizing, self-serving parasites that obtain position, means, status, wealth and rule via murder, robbery, fraud, bribery, blackmail, extortion and intimidation – essentially, organized crime.  This government metastasis flourishes, in part, by illegitimately threatening disproportionate violence and financial ruin against any man, woman or ‘child’ not wishing to bend to their malicious, erroneous commands – while ostentatiously exhibiting the means and will to carry out said violence and sadistic cruelty with wanton abandon, contempt, and extreme prejudice; utterly devoid of compassion, justification, morality, dignity or legitimate authority.  

Government is effectively a disease ​masquerading as a cure.

3) A group of the most despicable, diminished vermin known to civilized man whose deeds make those of cannibalistic-serial-killers and child-molesters pale by comparison. 4) A gang of Satan’s spawn morphed into malfunctioning excrement deserving of a punishment so disdainful, repugnant, horrific and deplorable that throughout the annals of human depravity such a punishment of unyielding and unmerciful misery has not as of yet—been conceived. Moreover, the most inhumane, torturous and vile schemes of punishment and retribution ever dreamed into existence, up to and including the punishments and mid-evil barbarism of the middle ages, exacted by the most wicked and unconscionable dictators to ever reign terror upon the earth – would be but pin-pricks by comparison if an adequate and befitting penalty were ever brought to bear on politicians and agents of the government. In conclusion, a ‘government official’ is a bastardization of the human species so perverted, so objectionable and disgusting as to preclude common understanding. If such an abhorrent and aberrant waste of carbon matter could be understood by even the most perspicacious, circumspect and wise of men, a clear and present threat to human psychological health would surely be manifest by the knowledge of coexistence with such abominable predators and pernicious anomalies of biological existence.

The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? 

Truman’s death his 1947 diary entries registered his disgust at having been treated as a puppet,manipulated into recognizing the new state. “The Jews,I find are very selfish…when they have power,neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment of the underdog”… “They are not concerned how many Estonians, Latvians,Finns,Poles,Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered as long as the Jews get special treatment”

Source: The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? eBook: Peter Winter: Kindle Store

History & Origin of the Six Million Number

As everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows, six million is the number of Jews supposedly killed by the nazis in ‘gas chambers’ during WW2. As it happens, this is false, and not merely false, but a deliberate lie. The falsity of the claim has been so thoroughly proved by historical and forensic investigation as to barely deserve mention; but for those who are interested, copious discussion of virtually every aspect of this matter is found in the several collections of articles on the Holocaust posted on this website, particularly in the Articles of Others section under Jews. But the Six Million number, besides being wrong, is also a deliberate lie (or at least began that way), and this fact we shall prove in the present article. Beyond this, we shall show that the origin of this number is probably scriptural, and in fact was chosen as a way of seeming to fulfill a prophecy of the Jewish scriptures in order to justify the existence of Israel.

Source: Birdman Bryant: History & Origin of the Six Million Number