The Jupiter Complex

During the Allied bombing raids on Germany at the end of World War II, many people worried that London and Washington had developed a “Jupiter Complex,” which historian Paul Johnson describes as “the notion of the Allies as righteous gods, raining retributive thunderbolts on their wicked enemies.” The Allies concluded, as Johnson explains, that strategic bombing “was the best way to make the maximum use of their vast economic resources, while suffering the minimum manpower losses.”

Source: The Jupiter Complex


Lustration is the process of making something clear or pure, usually by means of a propitiatory offering. The term is taken from the Roman lustrum purification rituals. The term has been adapted to the purge of government officials once affiliated with the Communist system in Central and Eastern Europe. Various forms of lustration were employed in post-communist Europe. The concept might resemble de-Nazification in post-World War II Europe, and the de-Ba’athification in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq,

Source: Lustration – Wikipedia

Great Danger of New Cold War

Right at 5:00 one of the smartest things I have ever heard someone highly informed in this field say: “…there is no ‘the’ CIA.” Brilliant. He is of course talking about what so many books I have read on this subject have said, that being many different political factions control, use, manipulate and wield the CIA (many different parts or sections of the CIA) to their own political agendas.