9/11 in 25 Minutes

What can I say about this guy? THIS is a video EVERYONE should watch.  I have watched many, many hours of what Ken has talked about now for years.  This particular video is relatively short, and starts with 9/11 and covers the bases that need to be covered for anyone who is new to all this and/or is still shuffling through life drunk on the “Kool-aide” but whom nevertheless just might benefit from a small dose of absolute reality.  [pullquote align=”right” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]More than anything in modern times we need to get the psychopaths out of  american government! [/pullquote]

Ken is to the point, aggressive, passionate and honest.  What I get from him more than anything is an overwhelming sense of sincerity and conviction in what he says, and yes preaches, as it should be preached!  Do yourself a favor and listen to this short video.  Ken took the time to stand in a parking lot near an airport with aircraft passing over and talk about subjects he as spoken about probably more than a thousand times already, and as always does so with complete clarity and forthrightness.  What Ken speaks about in this interview is clearly the most important issues on the planet today, bar-none.

Finally, as he says in the video, he has a new venture that can be looked at by going to World Citizen Solutions on the internet.  I suggest you give it a look.