Government Defined

The Evil Empire

1) ​The US government is a relatively small group of minions orchestrated and controlled by an oligarchical plutocracy comprised predominantly of banksters and conquered or inherited empire, independent of state sovereign or national borders.  2) As in the case of the United States government, the institution and its power is represented and proliferated by a constellation of corrupt, pontificating, self-aggrandizing, self-serving parasites that obtain position, means, status, wealth and rule via murder, robbery, fraud, bribery, blackmail, extortion and intimidation – essentially, organized crime.  This government metastasis flourishes, in part, by illegitimately threatening disproportionate violence and financial ruin against any man, woman or ‘child’ not wishing to bend to their malicious, erroneous commands – while ostentatiously exhibiting the means and will to carry out said violence and sadistic cruelty with wanton abandon, contempt, and extreme prejudice; utterly devoid of compassion, justification, morality, dignity or legitimate authority.  

Government is effectively a disease ​masquerading as a cure.

3) A group of the most despicable, diminished vermin known to civilized man whose deeds make those of cannibalistic-serial-killers and child-molesters pale by comparison. 4) A gang of Satan’s spawn morphed into malfunctioning excrement deserving of a punishment so disdainful, repugnant, horrific and deplorable that throughout the annals of human depravity such a punishment of unyielding and unmerciful misery has not as of yet—been conceived. Moreover, the most inhumane, torturous and vile schemes of punishment and retribution ever dreamed into existence, up to and including the punishments and mid-evil barbarism of the middle ages, exacted by the most wicked and unconscionable dictators to ever reign terror upon the earth – would be but pin-pricks by comparison if an adequate and befitting penalty were ever brought to bear on politicians and agents of the government. In conclusion, a ‘government official’ is a bastardization of the human species so perverted, so objectionable and disgusting as to preclude common understanding. If such an abhorrent and aberrant waste of carbon matter could be understood by even the most perspicacious, circumspect and wise of men, a clear and present threat to human psychological health would surely be manifest by the knowledge of coexistence with such abominable predators and pernicious anomalies of biological existence.