How To Be a Crook

The Federal Reserve has a de facto monopoly on the issuance of fiat currency in the US which not only means that they can dictate its value at whim as well as interest rates at the drop of a hat causing unnecessary booms and bust cycles, economic uncertainty, stagnation and depressions, it is a CRIME to compete with them, which means that they enjoy an unchallenged firm grip on the ultimate power to influence government laws and the distribution of wealth and resources on this planet like an overlord puppetmaster of all puppeteers of puppets. The Federal Reserve is the ultimate primordial SCAM because it is the catalyst of all other financial scams and evils that originate from it. So, NO, RETARD, it is not “wrong” to put this much blame on the Federal Reserve. To say so is shamefully apologetic and woefully delusional.