See if This Blows Your Hair Back

This is always been something that knocks me on my ass.  You need to really study this page and give some thought to the amount of money we’re talking about.  Then go take a look at what REAL issues and problems these sums of money could go to resolve.

When one sits and ponders that this information is so easily available, and the fact that in this day and age you sincerely have to have your head up your you know what not to understand what a joke military spending is, who is profiting from it, the death and maiming to soldiers fighting in the “wars” – it absolutely boggles the mind how much apathy there is, overall.  The first time I saw this website and took a good look at the figures pouring out the window for this nonsense I actually thought it must be a mistake.  Well, it isn’t.

All any of us can do is pray the majority of american people sooner, rather than later get their collective head’s out, and do something about a huge portion of their income being used to profit defense contractors and war mongers.  That’s over 8 million bucks an hour people, I mean really, what’s wrong with this picture?

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