They’re still not telling the real story

“That’s not what the country wants. It’s not what the base of the Democratic Party wants. The Democratic Party is waiting for a president who will articulate the scale of the problems we face and challenge them to address it,”

I thought this was actually a pretty good article, in part. However, this shit in the quote above reminds me of what I see over and over and over in reporting, thinking, talking, just about everything to do with politics. The human condition, the typical state of mind of the average dip-shit voter actually believes, I’ll say it again, people actually believe that in our system of social policy, corporatocracy, oligarchy, take your pick… that ONE dumbass individual (candidate for president of the US), hand picked by an elite ruling class of self interested bastards and prostitutes – is, can or will actually be capable of “articulating the scale of the problems we face” let alone doing something about it, is absolute insanity. Seriously think about that for a moment, and you might see what I am saying. The idea that we spend billions and billions of dollars and God know’s how many collective hours of human existence sweating over, arguing about, and not least of all financing this circus, this carnival of insidious horse shit we call a presidential election, is comical and ridiculous to say the very least. God help us all.

Source: They’re still not telling the real story: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the analysis you won’t hear on cable news –

Trump Presidency-Endanger America

WASHINGTON — Sixty Republican national security heavyweights vow in an open letter released late Wednesday to work “energetically” to prevent GOP front-runner Donald Trump from winning the party’s nomination.The experts, who represent vastly divergent GOP ideologies, describe Trump’s vision of American influence as “wildly inconsistent and unmoored in principle.” They warned that a Trump presidency would “make America less safe” and “diminish our standing in the world.”

Okay, so take a look at what’s going on here. Every single one of these hypocritical plutocratic self-serving bastards are coming from the same place. So much for representative democracy!

At this moment, on this very day in history the infamous Donald Trump is feeding everyone their ass in this election. This fact has all the vermin shit-bags that are “supposed” to be winning the primary, crying like 6 year olds. It’s incomprehensible to them, for the standard system of fraud, bribery, threats and intimidation isn’t working for the Republican party. Of course it is for the Democrats, currently… but that’s another story.

Now, personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about any of it. Do you honestly think I’m one of these american dumbasses that votes? Trump can win, lose, I just don’t care. There is a really awesome song by Don Henley from many years ago, and a line in the song where someone says, in response to something being said, “we get the government we deserve.” Man, I have never heard a more appropriate and perfect expression for our system of government put into so few words, it’s awesome.

So, to the point of this story, what you’re essentially seeing here is everyone with money and/or political power is now going on a komikazi raid against Trump doing anything they can think up to bring him down. Just picture this situation, someone is killing everyone in the popular vote/elections so all the other candidates decide to “bring him down” at all cost. It’s just laughable. Yup, this is our pathetic country and the halfwit pieces of shit that run it you see before you now.

Just remember this the next time a thought pops into your tiny little head regarding how bad things are and maybe we need a change. It will never happen because if someone NOT part of the establishment comes along and looks like he or she might prevail, they are going to bring them down no matter what.

I say it too much, many people say it too much, but really, wake the fuck up people.

Source: GOP Foreign Policy Experts Warn A Trump Presidency Would Endanger America

What You Won’t Hear in 2016 | John W. Whitehead

american empire

We now have less than one year until the 2016 presidential election.Despite the dire state of our nation, however, you can rest assured that none of the problems that continue to undermine our freedoms will be addressed in any credible way by the presidential candidates–certainly not if doing so might jeopardize their standing with the unions, corporations or the moneyed elite bankrolling their campaigns.The following are just a few of the issues that should be front and center in every presidential debate. That they are not is a reflection of our willingness as citizens to have our political elections reduced to little more than popularity contests that are, in the words of Shakespeare, “full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Source: The Real Issues You Won’t Hear from the 2016 Presidential Candidates This Election Year | John W. Whitehead