Weaponize the cure for cancer

super rich

I noticed on a friend’s Facebook page the other day he had shaved his head in recognition of cancer patients, survivors and future victims.  Good for him, that was an incredibly honorable gesture.  Which, got me thinking about chemotherapy in general.  For many years it has startled me what mankind has accomplished in every imaginable field, and yet we still treat this insidious disease in such a brutal and arcane way under the guise that it’s “the best option we have.”  Why, I thought?

The reasons cancer is what it is, today, are many and varied, anyone would have to admit.  However, I submit to you that it really shouldn’t be that way.  I have done the kind of research many non-medical personnel have done.  What you find is that it’s touted out there in the medical club that an unending amount of financing is continuously thrown at this problem, but to no avail.  I say that is bullshit.  I think, relatively speaking, the amount of money put toward research for this goddamn disease compared to what COULD be is like night and day.  It’s not unlike the money put toward homelessness, and the sick, uninsured of our population.

The reason we allow so many people to suffer and die each year of this ridiculous condition is, among others – capitalism.  Certainly, I have spoken to imbeciles that take the stance that capitalism is the only reason we have progressed “as far” as we have.  Of course, I have to pick myself up off the floor from laughing and try and understand the fool can’t help it, he drank the same American, red-white-and-blue democracy, liberty, justice and freedom cool-aid that most people have.  He didn’t and doesn’t understand the first thing about capitalism, and the most important thing that big-pharma, petrochemical as well as the overriding aspiration of rich people and unfathomably rich companies is that they want NOTHING on this earth but to keep INCREASING profits. They don’t care about cures or people.  They don’t care about pain and suffering, and they sure as hell don’t give a shit if you go bankrupt paying the scandalous sums of money they charge for their meds, just before you die. Just as a side note, owning the drug that cures cancer would do little by comparison for increasing the profits of these sadist companies. Even if you are one of these low-life bastards that mark up your drugs 100,000%.  You see, the profit in chemotherapy and all its ancillary absurdities is off the chart, mind-numbing in size. Moreover, you throw a drug out there that actually does work, properly-without slowly killing you contemporaneously, and eventually your patent will run its statutory course and you will have to share your profits with all those weasel generics… and that might mean you can’t afford the 24K tub and faucet fittings you want to install in your new Gulfstream G650 (even though I hear the fuel efficiency of those bad boys is really improving).

As far as capitalism, you have to have something in hand, or very near to in hand before that magic ingredient kicks in so the owners can maximize debt to income ratio, thereby screwing 95% of the population financially, and ostensibly showing all those societal naysayers in the world just how well capitalism does indeed work (for the uber-rich, of course).

To better understand my point, let me leave you with one example of how cancer could and would be solved in record time.  Here’s what you do.  Gather up a bunch of highly recognized scientist outside the pharmaceutical choke-hold, perhaps some from overseas academia, and fly them to DC.  Arrange for them to bring a very scholarly looking document outline that references a plethora of very technical research nobody in government can understand, shouldn’t be a problem.  Have them further explain how this is going to be the discovery of the century, if not all time.  The scientist will chatter on about how they’re right on the verge, not quite there, but right on the verge of discovering a chemical reaction that will create a weapon of immeasurable devastation, they just need a few bucks.  The scientist can continue on telling the politicians and executive administration lackeys in attendance that the weapon is a global changer, it can annihilate any number of human lives, simply by the formula used in the head of the weapon.  You can kill 1 person or 100 million, with no difficulty whatsoever.  And here is the best part, once the entire enemy (read culture) you’re aiming at is incinerated you can go in and acquire all the indigenous resources your heart desires – because this weapon, much like a neutron bomb, does no damage to infrastructure or natural resources.

Okay, the actual truth to this entire fantasy is that the scientist sincerely have nothing remotely close to a weapon, but want funding to put toward cancer research.  You see where I’m going with this?  Within hours, congress will approve a sum of money so fantastic that every man woman and child in the United States will have to be taxed back to the stone age to pay for it.  Personal income taxes, specifically targeted of course, will  have to go somewhere north of 80-90%.  That won’t actually be enough, really – so it will need to be understood that your children’s children won’t even be paying on the principle by the time they’re 50.  That’s okay though, we’re going to have the most bad-ass weapon on the planet, AND America’s assurance at Empire and controlling the world will be guaranteed.  You know when I say “America’s” naturally I mean those few people with our trillions in their accounts.

In our little scenario however, all this money, trillions as I say, will go to the guys that want to cure cancer, and what the hell, while they’re doing that they could throw a few hundred billion at homelessness and free medical care for anyone that can’t afford it. By the time the government dimwits figure out they  have been screwed, and something the people want was actually done with their money, not only cancer, but probably all disease, hunger and homelessness will be eradicated.  Yes, I know this would really, really piss off the oligarch.

Ahh, it’s nice to dream, but why in the hell would we ever want to do anything like this, anyway?  I think it’s far, far more important that millions of people suffer and ultimately die, so just a very small hand full of undeserving, shameful, vermin troglodytes – and their offspring can live a life of unimaginable extravagance, waste and sloth, don’t you?