US pressured Norway to arrest Snowden

I think I am starting to understand things now. The United States can lie, cheat, steal, rob and murder anyone they feel like. They can commit the most heinous crimes against mankind, murder women and children over their ridiculous claims of fighting terrorism.  Further, they can do all this whilst at the same exact moment lying through their teeth about an infinite number of critical matters.  Once all of this comes to light, they say, by and large, “kiss our ass, we can do anything we feel like.”  “What are you pathetic american morons going to do about it, anyway?”  “This kind of thing has been done to you since day one.” “We ALLOW you to have your gameboys, iPhones, new cars, the internet and most of all we permit you to watch your sports on TV every weekend… so shut up and get back in the herd with the rest of the cattle.”

However, let someone beat them at their own game.  Oh MOTHER OF GOD!!!  Stop everything, spend millions of tax-payer dollars violating the rights of everyone and their brother to find this guy.  Commit acts of terrorism to find and apprehend this guy.  Violate the sacred sovereign rights of nations, insist untold resources and inconceivable amounts of funds from the very people this guy was trying to protect are squandered to bring pain down upon this infidel.  Do every Godless thing the most evil of us can think of, but get this bastard and get him now.  Bring him forward and make sure the entire world sees and fully understands how ruthless and unmerciful we are going to be to this guy, Edward Snowden, who DARED to tell the public a tiny fraction of the illegal, unconstitutional, repugnant, contemptible, illegitimate, felonious and barbarous things we have done, are doing to do, and will continue doing to the sleeping herds of ostrich bafoons we so lovingly refer to as the voting public.  Yup, that’s OUR government, God Bless the USA.

The US repeatedly asked Norway to detain and deport whistleblower Edward Snowden if he tried to enter its territory in the aftermath of his leaks on mass US global surveillance, Norwegian media revealed citing formal requests. Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs received the first letter from Washington shortly after the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor’s revelations went public when he was stranded in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport.

Source: US pressured Norway to arrest & extradite Snowden, seize all devices – documents — RT News