The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? 

Truman’s death his 1947 diary entries registered his disgust at having been treated as a puppet,manipulated into recognizing the new state. “The Jews,I find are very selfish…when they have power,neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment of the underdog”… “They are not concerned how many Estonians, Latvians,Finns,Poles,Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered as long as the Jews get special treatment”

Source: The Six Million: Fact or Fiction? eBook: Peter Winter: Kindle Store

History & Origin of the Six Million Number

As everyone with an IQ above room temperature knows, six million is the number of Jews supposedly killed by the nazis in ‘gas chambers’ during WW2. As it happens, this is false, and not merely false, but a deliberate lie. The falsity of the claim has been so thoroughly proved by historical and forensic investigation as to barely deserve mention; but for those who are interested, copious discussion of virtually every aspect of this matter is found in the several collections of articles on the Holocaust posted on this website, particularly in the Articles of Others section under Jews. But the Six Million number, besides being wrong, is also a deliberate lie (or at least began that way), and this fact we shall prove in the present article. Beyond this, we shall show that the origin of this number is probably scriptural, and in fact was chosen as a way of seeming to fulfill a prophecy of the Jewish scriptures in order to justify the existence of Israel.

Source: Birdman Bryant: History & Origin of the Six Million Number