Drone-Killing the Turkish Cleric in Pennsylvania?

In 2003, the CIA kidnapped a cleric from the streets of Milan, Italy and shipped him to Egypt to be tortured (CIA agents involved have been prosecuted in Italy, though the U.S. Government has vehemently defended them). In 2004, the U.S. abducted a German citizen in Macedonia, flew him to Afghanistan, tortured and drugged him, then unceremoniously dumped him back on the street when they realized he was innocent, but has refused ever since to compensate him or even apologize, leaving his life in complete sham

Source: Would Turkey Be Justified in Kidnapping or Drone-Killing the Turkish Cleric in Pennsylvania?

Lynch, Comey, Obama and Clinton

savage bitch

Loretta Lynch should spend the rest of her life in prison, reasons… obvious if you have a brain.  James Comey, life in prison, reasons, also painfully obvious.  Hillary Clinton and our affirmative action POTUS Barack Obama should be executed for crimes against the state, treason, espionage and murder.  These four troglodytes are among the most despicable human beings alive today. Just when you think there couldn’t be one more sack of shit come along in politics and government that could possibly one-up the unconscionable shit that previous vermin in their shoes have done, BANG – we get hit right in the face with not one, but many.  These four should be executed or spend the rest of their lives pounding rock in an upstate prison.  Wake the fuck up people.