Judges Blast Department of Justice

“Events reflecting shocking breaches of prosecutorial ethics,” “cyber-bullying, and lying to the court,” “compounded by further breaches” by experienced and high-ranking federal prosecutors in the New Orleans United States Attorney’s Office have just caused the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to affirm the grant of a new trial for five New Orleans police officers in a scathing decision authored by Judge Edith Jones with Judge Edith Clement.

Source: BREAKING: Judges Blast Department of Justice Over ‘Shocking’ Prosecutorial Misconduct | | Observer

Philadelphia prosecutors protect police misconduct

In Philadelphia, widespread allegations of corruption and perjury against members of the nation’s fourth largest police department have in recent years shaken the criminal justice system.Currently, the Defender Association of Philadelphia is seeking to have more than 500 convictions involving Officer Christopher Hulmes reopened and tossed out. In 2011, Hulmes admitted to lying in open court in a drug-and-gun case against two black men who claim they were framed. He did so in front of a judge and prosecutor. But he was not charged with perjury until this April, in the wake of reporting by this reporter when he was employed at the now-defunct Philadelphia City Paper.

Source: How Philadelphia prosecutors protect police misconduct: Cops get caught lying — and then get off the hook – Salon.com