LWCT-18 Assault Truck

NICE - LWCT-18 Assault Truck
NICE – LWCT-18 Assault Truck

Here it is folks, the LWCT-18 Assault truck. I realize that until the many attacks over recent years by “terrorist” using “assault weapons” that many of you had not actually ever seen an “assault weapon” up close and personal. But, after the recent shootings at schools and night-clubs the dip-ships in media and government have been all too eager to shove photos of “assault weapons” in your face. They want to make sure they paint a really horrible picture for you when they fill you full of shit about what, say – assault ‘rifles’ are and how we MUST ban them right away.

You see, all an assault ‘rifle’ really comes down to is an over-sized semi-automatic handgun. But the insidious fucks working for the government certainly don’t want the ignorant masses to understand that.

So, before many decades have to pass before you get the same belated opportunity with the latest “terrorist assault weapon” – here is a photo of one – the assault ‘truck,’ As indicated above, this is the “LWCT-18” assault truck. It was used to kill people. Therefore, it must be an assault weapon, and the guy driving it must be a terrorist. Get ready my friends, because if we hold to the same and consistent dumb-fuck logic the government spews from their pie-holes on everything else, then we certainly MUST ban these new “assault trucks.”  After all, people don’t kill people, guns and trucks do.