They’re still not telling the real story

“That’s not what the country wants. It’s not what the base of the Democratic Party wants. The Democratic Party is waiting for a president who will articulate the scale of the problems we face and challenge them to address it,”

I thought this was actually a pretty good article, in part. However, this shit in the quote above reminds me of what I see over and over and over in reporting, thinking, talking, just about everything to do with politics. The human condition, the typical state of mind of the average dip-shit voter actually believes, I’ll say it again, people actually believe that in our system of social policy, corporatocracy, oligarchy, take your pick… that ONE dumbass individual (candidate for president of the US), hand picked by an elite ruling class of self interested bastards and prostitutes – is, can or will actually be capable of “articulating the scale of the problems we face” let alone doing something about it, is absolute insanity. Seriously think about that for a moment, and you might see what I am saying. The idea that we spend billions and billions of dollars and God know’s how many collective hours of human existence sweating over, arguing about, and not least of all financing this circus, this carnival of insidious horse shit we call a presidential election, is comical and ridiculous to say the very least. God help us all.

Source: They’re still not telling the real story: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the analysis you won’t hear on cable news –