Your ID at CVS Pharmacy

drugs and privacy

People don’t really think too much about showing their ID at the pharmacy when they go to pick up a “controlled substance.”  Mostly they presume it is to verify who they are so the pharmacy can make sure they are giving the right drugs to the right person.  Sure, that is important, but that isn’t even close to the reason why.  Remember how many times in the past you might have gone to pick up someone else’s medication?  If you can’t, let me just advise you that countless people do it every day all over the country.  To this day, unless it’s a “controlled substance” I can go in and pick up anyone’s medication if I know their address and SS# and “I” don’t even need ID.  I can actually pick up their controlled substance if I show “my” ID.  Does all this sound a little strange?  It is if you believe what most people believe.  You see, the pharmacy, the company that owns the pharmacy, the people who manufactured the drugs, the government, the doctor that prescribed them… none of these folks give a shit about any of that.  All any of them care about is power or money, or both depending on which one we’re referring to.  For the pharmacy for example, it’s just about the money, and following the arbitrary and capricious rules the government and FDA as set up, so they can keep their license and keep making money.  For the doctor, it’s about the money (sure, if you’re lucky you might have been with a particular doctor long enough such that s/he actually would care if the pharmacy gave you carbolic acid by mistake when they should have given you an antibiotic) – after all the doctor would be losing a patient and thus losing, yup – money.  And, for our friends at the government, well, for them it is power AND money, and a whole lot of other things far more sinister, but more on that in a second.

So what’s with the ID police at CVS or Walgreens regarding the “controlled substances” then, if what I just said is the case – and it is.  Again, most people don’t even think about it, after all, it’s a “controlled substance” right?  Well, sure, but big fucking deal.  Did you ever stop to wonder why that is, or what does it matter.  Of course, I’m speaking about reality, not the horse-shit you’re given about it being “addictive.” To avoid going into a diatribe about drugs, the war on drugs, how the controlled schedule hierarchy works, which drugs are at what level and why, who actually benefits and to what degree – as a result of the CS schedule, etc., I am going to keep this short and simple – and save that talk for another time.  Basically, the entire idea behind the DEA, FDA, their controlled substance twaddle and all the ancillary matters pertaining to this entire line of bullshit is about control, power and money.  The program of controlling what drugs you take, how you get them, if you get them, the myriad ludicrous rules affixed to you when and if you get them, etc., is all about the government controlling the situation, knowing who takes what and how much, and… money.  This allows them to know your medical problems and hence just about everything else there is to know about someone with a “private” medical matter.  Having THIS information leads them to countless other sources of MORE private information.  This is the sole reason for classifying drugs which a government would want to know you need/take ~ “controlled” in the first place, and… money. This generates a paperwork snowstorm that leaves a trail a mile wide and a thousand miles long regarding your health and lifestyle.  This is where HIPAA came in once enough people complained about so much of their personal health information being gathered and collected in one place.  Too bad these same people have already drank so much of the fool-aid that they don’t realize when they ask the government to help regulate something like this, what they are actually going to get is a system the government can better leverage to their own needs, while contemporaneously trashing yours. For the most part, all HIPAA manages to do is make getting your own records a pain in the ass, and abets the government with acquiring tomes of  private information about you, more easily.  Rest assured, when the government or any living breathing minion loosely associated with the government (called a contractor) wants your personal, private health information, along with what controlled substances you take, they can have it with the touch of a button.  Oh, HIPAA?  Yeah, well no, it doesn’t apply to them.  Moreover, when the government, having unfettered access to your personal medical records for no ostensible reason of course, decides they don’t agree with your doctor about a particular amount of medication you were prescribed, they not only can, but will refuse to authorize payment for those on government subsidized plans.  And, by the way, aspects to “Obamacare” that haven’t shown their ugly head yet (fully), will eventually permit this on ALL insureds in the United States.  Oh, and don’t think you can just go in and get what you want with cash either, just one more BENEFIT for all you idiots supporting Obamacare, your “choices” are evaporating as fast as a puddle in El Azizia, and doctors now refusing to accept cash-only patients is but one visible nail in our coffins.  Gotta love the empire.

So, the next time you’re in CVS or wherever, and you notice the person behind the counter seems to be “typing” almost into the register whilst holding your ID up and carefully reading off of it, keep in mind they have to make sure all that personal information on your ID gets entered into the Federal database properly so there aren’t any hiccups when some government puke down the road wants to run a deep background check on your life, lifestyle, health concerns, consumed drugs, purchase habits, social issues, etc., etc.